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1970's Fender Stratocaster Switchtips
1970's Fender Stratocaster Switchtips, ...More »
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Bonnet Knobs
Set of 4 1960 bonnet knobs in superb condition. Perfect for your ES-335, 345, Les Pa ...More »
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I have been buying vintage parts, strings and anything else that's vintage and has anything to do with music, for many years from rare guitar parts. It has always been just a pleasure ! This time I was lucky enough to have Kate take care of my order ... More »
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Gibson Acoustic Series Catalog

Gibson Acoustic Series Catalog
1980's Gibson Acoustic Series catalog. Features models such as J-100, Dove, J-45, Ear...More »

PID: 1742

1970 Flattop Guitar pamphlet

1970 Flattop Guitar pamphlet
This full color pamphlet describes six Gibson acoustic guitars in 1970....More »

PID: 715
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